A downloadable game for Windows

An addicting text-based game about ICE and FIRE. Play as an ICE wizard against FIRE wizards and creatures. Turn poor humans into ICE pieces and don't let FIRE wizards do so!

This simple, but addictive game was made for one hour game jam.

Install instructions

Use wizard.rar>RUN.bat to play. If it doesn't work or you want to change the game, open source.txt

source.txt can be pasted into https://www.jdoodle.com/online-java-compiler. If you do so, make sure Interactive mode is ON and press execute.


wizard.rar 2 kB
source.txt 6 kB


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Good work.


Nice timekiller for all devices

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Thank you very much for your post(it's unbelivable)! Well, there is an unknown problem with bulding .jar file, so the only way to run it on non-windows devices is to copy-paste source code(source.txt).